Screen Printing Washout Booths

Screen preparation and reclamation solutions

Small stainless steeel washout boothWashout booths are handy tools in a busy screen printing shop, since they serve as a dedicated area for screen preparation and reclamation.

Screen preparation and reclamation can be messy due to the need for high pressure water. This is why the task is best carried out in a contained area such as a dedicated washout unit or very large sink with a tiled splash back area.

Each unit is specifically designed to contain as much of the water that is used in the screen preparation and stencil removal stages as possible.

This is achieved by the unit having sides and a back that are linked to a base in which the screen can be stood during washout. The sides and base are sealed to avoid any leaks during use.

In addition to the washout booth, a small pressure washer is also needed.

What options are available?

We offer a standard size and a double size unit, both of which are made from high grade stainless steel.

In addition, there is an option of an acrylic back for both models which allows light to enter from the back of the unit. This helps the user to see if the screen is "open" in the areas it should be when the screen is being washed after exposure. For an acrylic back to be of use, you should be able to position your unit in an area that allows plenty of light through the back.

Wide format washout booth with sqeegee side rests and screen standoffs

Standard specifications:

Product resources:

operation manual Washout booths - Instructions (Acrobat PDF file)

price list General price list (Acrobat PDF file)

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