Screen Drying Cabinets

Screen drying solutions for textile printersDrying cabinet with optional vacuum bed uv exposure unit

A screen drying cabinet is the ideal way to increase the productivity of your screen printing business. Using a screen drying cabinet will greatly cut down the time required for a screen to dry after being coated either with a liquid emulsion or capillary film and in a busy T-shirt shop, this can be invaluable.

DriVault screen dryers use dynamic airflow above and below the screens to ensure consistent and even drying of screens and the air is filtered to avoid dust particles from settling on the wet emulsion and causing potential problems. All screen drying cabinets are also completely light tight to avoid activation of the emulsion while the screen is drying.

Screen drying cabinets with a space saving design

Our smallest Dri Vault screen dryer is without doubt also our most handy unit.

The Dri Vault 10 screen drying cabinet can accept up to a maximum of 10 screens and in addition, can have the ExposIt range of vacuum bed screen exposure units mounted on top of the cabinet.Vastex three year heater warranty logo

This is a great space saver and adds a something highly practical to any pre-press environment as the screens can be removed from the dryer and burned on the spot.

By adding the optional castors to the screen drying cabinet, the entire unit can be quickly and easily moved to a new location if required. This is Ideal for a small shop where space is at a premium.

A single phase 13 amp power supply is all that is needed to run a DriVault screen drying cabinet and the total power consumption, depending on the model, is as little as 1550W, which is less than many hair dryers require.

Vastex 24 Screen Drying CabinetWhy buy a Vastex drying cabinet?

Vastex build quality is second to none and the warranty offered goes much further than most, if not all other manufacturers, especially those that manufacture in the Far East and sell products that are purely based on price and little else.

All Vastex drying cabinets come with an industry leading 36 month warranty to the first purchaser.

Flexibility of design is also important when you invest in a screen drying cabinet, and Vastex are the only supplier that offers the option of a vacuum bed exposure unit as an optional extra to the drying cabinet (with the exception of the vetical 24 screen cabinet). This minimises the space needed as both units as the exposure unit has the same footprint as the drying cabinet.

Power consumption is also an important consideration, and all Vastex screen drying cabinets use single phase mains, with either 13 or 16 amp sockets.

High production screen printing environments naturally also need larger quantities of prepared screens, so the DriVault 24 vertical screen drying cabinet allows up to 24 standard size screens to be dried at the same time.

This screen drying cabinet is fitted with a powerful fan and upgraded heater and easily copes with any environment that demands high productivity.

Most importantly though, it remains extremely affordable when compared against other brands of screen drying cabinets that are on the market from European suppliers.

Our entry level Dri Cab allows screens to be stored and dried in the same cabinet, but this unit uses ambient air temperature to dry the screens rather than using an on-board heating system. This saves money and allows access to quality screen drying without the cost of the mode expensive Dri Vault models.

Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of screen drying cabinets

Key features

  • Available as a 10 screen drying cabinet
  • Available as a 10 wide format screen dryer or 20 standard size screen dryer
  • Available as a 24 standard screen size vertical format drying cabinet
  • Air inlet filter
  • Analogue or digital temperature control (model specific)
  • Add a vacuum bed exposure unit to the either the entry level 10 screen or 10/20 cabinet

Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of screen drying cabinets


The Vastex range of screen drying cabinets have a number of optional extras:

  • Castors for easy movement
  • Stainless steel shelves for extended life
  • Digital temperature control and LED display
  • A choice of space saving UV or high performance LED vacuum bed exposure units which can be fitted on top of the drying cabinet
  • Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of screen drying cabinets

    Machine specifications

      Dri CabModel 10 Model 24 Model 10 / 20
    Defect warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
    Maximum screens 10 10 24 10 or 20
    Maximum screen size 58 x 79 x 4cm 63 x 91 x 4cm 63 x 91 x 4cm 10 @ 129 x 91 x 4cm or 20 @ 63 x 91 x 4cm
    Smallest screen width 46cm 46cm 46cm Variable
    Blower (free air) 113 cfm 290 cfm 580 cfm 290 cfm
    Heater power N / A 1550 watts 3100 watts 1550 watts
    Cost to dry a batch of screens (£0.10 /kWh) £0.02 £0.05 £0.10 £0.05
    Temperature control N / A Analogue Digital Analogue
    Drying time 80 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
    Temperature range N / A 0 - 40 Celsius 0 - 40 Celsius 0 - 40 Celsius
    Depth 91cm 100cm 100cm 96cm
    Width 66cm 88cm 84cm 159cm
    Height 81cm 82cm 206cm 82cm
    Single phase mains Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Amps 2 amps 6.5 amps 16 amps 6.5 amps
    Weight 62kg 118kg 234kg 230kg
    Shipping weight 76kg 138kg 303kg 287kg
    Shipping dimensions 100 x 100 x 91cm 114 x 109 x 91cm 112 x 112 x 218cm 173 x 114 x 91cm

    Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of screen drying cabinets


    and answers for: Dri-Vault 10 screen drying cabinetDriVault silk screen drying cabinets

    The DriVault range of silk screen drying cabinets are very easy to use, but like most straightforward products, sometimes it is necessary to provide some background information that will help to clarify initial concerns.

    Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and we hope that these will help you to decide if the DriVault screen drying system is right for your business.

    If you have any remaining questions about drying screens, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Click on a question below to reveal the answer:

    • What is a screen drying cabinet?

      It is essentially a clean, safe environment to quickly dry freshly cleaned, newly coated or procesesed screens in a short space of time.

    • Why do I need a screen drying cabinet?

      Once a screen has been prepared and coated with emulsion, not only is the screen sensitive to light, but it must be completely dried before it can be exposed. The process of drying must be thorough and should not be rushed otherwise, when the screen is washed out after exposure, there is a good chance of the emulsion coming away from the screen. When this happens, the screen must be reclaimed and the process started again which wastes both time and money.

      The screen is also very vulnerable to contaminants while it is wet, so in a Vastex screen drying cabinet, the air is filtered to ensure that no dust or other particles settle on the wet screens during drying. Such particles are likely to cause blemishes in the screen that would have to be fixed later, adding time and cost to the screen production process.

    • How long does it take to dry a screen?

      If the screen is dried using a DriVault screen drying cabinet, the drying time is around 20 minutes. When a DriCab unit is used, the time taken to dry screens is variable due to the ambient air temperature and humidity. We estimate that with 15 degrees Centigrade, the time to dry using a DriCab will be between 80 - 120 mintues. When a drying cabinet is not used, not only do you have to place the screen in a dark room, it may well have to be left overnight to dry completely depending on how warm and dry the environment is. Time is money and the efficient and cost effective production of screens is critical to any screen printing operation.

    • What temperature does the DriVault operate at?

      The maximum temperature on the DriVault is 40° Celsius and higher temperatures are not recommended as this can affect the light sensitive emulsion on the screens. Each DriVault has a powerful fan that circulates a high volume of filtered air inside the drying cabinet and it is this combined with the low temperature that ensures an effective and short drying cycle time.

    • Are there special power requirements and is it expensive to run?

      The DriCab and DriVault range can be run from a standard, single phase 13 amp supply as found in most homes and businesses. The larger DriVault 24 screen cabinet requires a 16 amp mains supply. Depending on the model of screen dryer chosen and assuming electricity cost of around £0.10/kWh, it would cost around £0.05 to dry a batch of screens in the smaller screen drying cabinet and around £0.10 per batch of screens in the larger units. Exact cost will obviously depend on the local cost of energy and we would be happy to help you calculate this. The running cost for the DriCab will be lower as this model is unheated.

    • What happens to the air that is exhausted from the cabinet?

      This can be ducted to the outside using the exhaust outlet that is fitted to the drying cabinet, or can be used to warm the working space in the case of the DriVault models as there are no odours from the drying process.

    • Can I leave dry, coated screens inside the cabinet?

      If you don't need to dry another batch of screens, you can store the dry, coated screens which are sensitive to light inside the drying cabinet once the drying process is complete. Simply switch off the heating system and fan and no light can enter the unit unless the door is opened.

    • Why do you show a UV exposure unit for making screens alongside the DriVault range?

      To maximise efficiency and productivity, we recommend that you consider the E1000, E200 or ExposIt vacuum bed UV or high performance LED exposure unit for exposing your screens. The exposure unit can be be securely fitted with special brackets on top of the drying cabinet. This means that once a screen has been coated with emulsion and dried, it is quick and easy to get it inside the UV unit and expose the design onto the screen.

      Also, having the two machines together means saving valuable space in your screen preparation area.

    • Is a Vastex screen drying cabinet easy to use?

      Absolutely. Simply place the screens inside the cabinet, close the door, select the temperature and switch on the fan.

    • Can I install a Vastex screen drying cabinet at my home based business?

      Yes, provided you have a doorway that is no less than 75cm in width for the DriVault range. In the case of the DriCab, this is supplied as a self assembly model (in boxes) so the dimensions of doorway are irrelevant.

    Wide format screen drying cabinetVastex wide format LED exposure unit and screen drying cabinet

    The DriVault wide format screen drying cabinet can be used to dry either 10 wide format screens of 129 x 91cm (larger than A0) or as a screen dryer for 20 standard screens of 63 x 91cm (larger than A1).

    This is achieved by the use of a clever system that allows internal components to be installed and removed when required.

    The changeover from drying 20 to 10 screens is quick and easy - simply remove the centre support tree and shelving, and in a matter of moments the unit is ready to accept 10 wide format screens!

    A wide format vacuum bed exposure unit can also be fitted on top of the screen drying cabinet, thereby keeping everything together in one compact space.

    There is a choice of either traditional UV tube or high performance LED exposure units and power requirements for both the exposure unit and drying cabinet is single phase, 13 amp.

    Vastex Dri Cab screen drying cabinet with E200 LED exposure unitCompact entry level screen drying cabinet

    The DriCab is a compact screen drying cabinet that can hold 10 screens of 58 x 79cm, larger than A2 size.

    This cabinet has been designed to appeal to clients that do not need the high performance that comes with the DriVault models.

    This DriCab will also appeal to small and home based businesses that only want to invest in entry level screen printing components for reasons of capital available.

    The DriCab has a door mounted fan which draws filtered air inside the cabinet and the moist air is removed at the rear of the unit.

    The DriCab is unheated and relies on the ambient air temperature to dry the screens quickly. For this reason, the DriCab will dry screens much slower than the professional DriVault range.

    If you are working in a fairly cold workshop such as a garage or unheated industrial unit, the DriVault would be much better suited to your environment.

    It is possible to install the smaller Vastex series of exposure units on top of the screen drying cabinet, thereby keeping everything together in one compact space.

    Product resources:

    specification sheet Specification sheet (Acrobat PDF file)

    operation manual Operation manual 10 screen system (Acrobat PDF file)

    operation manual Operation manual 24 screen system (Acrobat PDF file)

    operation manual Operation manual wide format 10 / 20 screen system (Acrobat PDF file)

    price list General price list (Acrobat PDF file)

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