Screen Printing Exposure Units

E1000 & Expos-It vacuum UV exposure units for silk screen printing

Vastex exposure units for silk screen printers offer great value in a truly professional package. Screen printing exposure units ideally need vacuum hold down to create the best quality artwork and even the entry level E-1000 screen printing exposure unit offers this feature.

hree year warrantyThe E1000 tabletop vacuum exposure unit is our entry level system for screen production and as such, is priced at a very competitive level for a unit of this capability and quality.

The Expos-It tabletop vacuum exposure unit for silk screen printers uses UV or ultra violet light to expose screens for use with any screen printing equipment. The Expos-It is a mid-range, yet highly cost effective way to burn screens with the minimum of fuss.

On both the E1000 and Expos-It systems, the lid is raised and lowered by two gas struts and incorporates a rubber blanket and vacuum function to provide perfect contact for quality exposure. Vacuum is drawn through a manifold which ensure there are no holes in the rubber blanket.

Electronic ballasts ensure a quick and reliable tube start and a steady UV output. A digital timer controls both tubes and vacuum. Optically clear glass is used which helps to ensure a reliable and controlled exposure.

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Video Demo - VRS Artwork Registration System

See how it works in the video below, or click on the link underneath the video to see an animated demonstration.


click to see an animated demonstration Click here to see an animated demonstration

Vastex VRS pin registration system

The optional VRS pin registration system can be integrated with both the E1000 and Exposit range.

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