E1000 & E200 Screen Printing Exposure Unit

An entry level professional UV exposure unitVastex E200 High Performance LED Screen Exposure Unit & Dri Cab

Looking for a UV exposure unit? The Vastex E1000 table top, vacuum bed screen printing exposure unit is a highly cost effective way to expose screens in a truly professional way.

The lid of the E1000 UV exposure unit is raised and lowered by two gas struts and incorporates a rubber blanket and vacuum hold down function to provide perfect contact between artwork and screen for high quality screen exposures.

Electronic ballasts ensure a quick and reliable tube start and a steady UV output. A precision timer controls both tubes and vacuum. Optically clear glass is used which helps to ensure a reliable and controlled exposure.

With this level of precision even the finest detail in more demanding designs are reproduced accurately, so don't turn away more complex screen printing jobs, the Vastex E1000 and E200 high performance LED screen printing exposure unit will not let you down.

To further enhance your artroom, you may want to consider the optional VRS pin registration system which can be integrated with the E1000 and E200 screen exposure unit. The seamless integration allows faster setup times at the press, since all colours are registered using the VRS system prior to burning the screen in the uv exposure unit. The registration system is compatible with any manual screen printing carousel.

A flexible UV exposure with an LED upgrade pathVastex E200 LED Screen Printing Exposure Unit

The E1000 can also be supplied as an entry level LED based exposure device in the form of the E200.

Physically, these two models look identical, but the installation of 3 high power LED modules sets the E200 apart from any other entry level exposure unit.

Standard E1000 units can also be upgraded to LED at any point during ownership.

The E200 is a new model of vacuum bed exposure unit and features a long-lasting LED (light emitting diode) light pack that delivers ultra-fast exposure times while producing high resolution half-tones and crisp detail on the most intricate graphics.

The LED light pack also consumes far less electricity than metal halide lamps of equivalent surface area, and can last over 50,000 hours, thereby significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, the E200 LED model starts instantly, provides uniform lighting intensity cycle-to-cycle, remains cool during operation, and lacks potentially dangerous high-voltage power supplies and inefficient shutters as found on Metal Halide devices.

The E200 comes standard as a tabletop unit with a powerful vacuum hold down with rubber neoprene blanket for tight screen-to-film contact, easy-to-set analog controls, shatter-resistant 6mm thick tempered glass and 240-volt power supply.

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Key features

  • Vacuum pump for high quality screen exposure
  • Neoprene vacuum blanket
  • 4 Standard output UV tubes (20 Watt)Vastex three year warranty
  • Optional high output UV tubes (40 Watt)
  • Analogue timer
  • Gas struts for easy lid control
  • Integrated screen stops
  • Seamlessly integrates with VRS pin registration system

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The Vastex E1000 and E200 screen exposure units have a number of optional extras:

  • Castored stand for easy movement
  • Optional Dri cab entry level screen drying cabinet
  • Optional Dri Vault professional screen drying cabinet
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    Machine specifications

      E1000 Exposit E200 LED
    Maximum screen size 53 x 61 cm (OD) 53 x 61 cm (OD)
    UV output 4 x 20 Watt (61cm) 3 x 76cm LED bars, 27 LED's in total
    Dimension (lid up) 83 x 88 x 84 cm 83 x 88 x 84 cm
    Weight 68 kg 68 kg
    Warranty 1 year 3 years

    Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of exposure units


    and answers for: Expos-It, E1000, E200 & E2000 LED exposure units

    Vastex E1000 vacuum bed screen printing UV exposure unit

    Expos-It UV stencil exposure unitsWhy should you buy a good screen printing exposure unit for your business? We aim to cover the most frequently asked questions about the Vastex E1000 UV & E200 LED stencil exposure unit and also the Vastex Expos-It UV & LED screen printing uv exposure unit, but please get in touch if you need any further information.

    Setting up a new screen printing business or indeed investing in new equipment for an existing t-shirt printing business is invariably expensive and it is therefore crucial that you invest in equipment that will help your business to grow and operate as cost-effectively as possible. A good choice of equipment will do that, while a poor choice will likely achieve the opposite and cost you more in the long run.

    Click on a question below to reveal the answer:

    • What is a vacuum bed UV exposure unit?

      In order to create good quality screens from highly detailed artwork, it is always recommended that a vacuum bed screen printing exposure unit is used. Unlike more basic pressure based uv stencil exposure units that use foam pressure pads or weights to hold the artwork against the screen during exposure, a vacuum bed "pulls" the artwork tightly together with the screen against a sheet of glass.

    • Does a vacuum bed screen printing exposure unit produce better quality screens?

      The simple answer is yes, always, no question about it. If you want to produce great looking printed products, you have to use a UV stencil exposure unit that is capable of exposing high quality screens. Never believe that a halogen light source intended for outdoor use will ever be capable of producing detailed artwork onto screens, especially when there is no pressure or vacuum system to contact screen and artwork together during exposure.

    • Are the E1000, E200 & Expos-It screen printing exposure units desktop devices?

      In standard form, both the E1000, E200 and Expos-It vacuum bed UV & LED stencil exposure units can simply be placed on any suitable work top or surface. You can however add legs to the Expos-It to make the UV exposure unit freestanding or purchase an optional utility cart for the E1000 / E200 that also offers great screen storage. The Expos-It can also be mounted on the smaller screen drying cabinet using special brackets or if you prefer the E1000 / E200 exposure unit, it simply sits on top of the screen drying cabinet. For a list of options, see the next FAQ in this list.

    • What if I do not want to put my exposure unit on a table?

      Consider one of the following options which is available for each uv exposure unit –

      E1000 & E200 options:

      • Mounted on Utility Cart, which is useful for general storage (castors optional)
      • Mounted on Utility Cart with light tight door for storage of coated screens (castors optional)
      • Sitting on top of the small Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinet (castors optional)

      Expos-It UV & LED options:

      • Freestanding legs (castors optional)
      • Mounted on top of the small Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinet (castors optional)
      • Mounted on a Utility Cart, which is useful for general storage (castors optional)
      • Mounted on a Utility Cart with light tight door for storage of coated screens (castors optional)
    • Can I move my exposure unit easily?

      Two people could easily lift and move any of our screen printing exposure units. For other options which include legs and castors, please refer to the two previous questions in this list.

    • What type of light source do the exposure units use?

      Both the E1000 vacuum bed UV exposure unit and Expos-It screen printing exposure unit are fitted with 20 Watt fluorescent uv tubes as standard. These can be upgraded to high output 40 Watt tubes.

      The E200 and E2000 models are fitted with high performance LED lights which offer very fast exposure times, minimal heat generation and power consumption.

    • Is this type of light source harmful to my eyes?

      All uv light is harmful to the eyes, but the level of danger varies according to the type of light produced. The tubes used in the E1000 and Expos-It uv units do not produce the dangerous spectrum of uv light, but, it is advised not to run the unit without the lid being closed. The same is true for the LED models.

    • How do I select the exposure time?

      An analogue timer is provided with the E1000 uv & E200 LED exposure unit and time is selected in minutes. A digital timer is provided with the Expos-It UV & LED range and time is input in seconds.

    Vastex E1000 With Optional Utility CartWhy invest in this type of exposure unit

    Space is generally at a premium in most business environments, so the Vastex E1000 UV or E200 LED screen printing exposure units can be purchased with one of our optional utility carts to provide handy storage for both screens and other consumables.

    The utility cart can be supplied as shown above to use for storing general items, uncoated screens or burned screens. Another option if you need storage for coated screens is to order the utility cart with a light tight door.

    Combining the E1000 screen printing exposure unit with such a handy storage device maximises space utilisation and also means that your screens are exactly where you need them, when you need them.

    Alternatively, the E1000 & E200 screen exposure units can be fitted to the optional Dri-Vault screen drying cabinet which is heated drying cabinet. This allows screens to be coated, dried and stored below the Vastex E1000 or E200 LED screen printing exposure unit.

    Simply open the screen drying cabinet to take out a dry, coated screen, and place it on the E1000 UV or E200 LED exposure unit – nothing could be more convenient!

    If your screen size is larger than the E1000 or E200 can handle, you need to consider the Expos-It silk screen exposure unit.

    Product resources:

    specification sheet Specification sheet (Acrobat PDF file)

    operation manual Operation manual (Acrobat PDF file)

    price list General price list (Acrobat PDF file)

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