UV Exposure Units & Metal Halide Light Sources

A wide range of choice for the printing environment

Whether you are looking for a uv exposure unit that can be used to make polymer printing plates or a metal halide light source for professional production of screens, we offer a comprehensive range of exposure devices. Some of the applications for our uv exposure units and metal halide light sources are: screen making, exposing PCBs, making pad printing cliches and making hot foil polymer plates in-house.

We offer a range of pressure pad and vacuum bed exposure units as well as a range of self contained and free standing metal halide light sources for screen printing applications.

The product range:

Pressure Pad

Black Box pressure pad UV exposure unitThe Black Box UV unit is the most cost effective model we offer. The tubes are housed in the bottom of the steel case and a foam pressure pad is fitted to the lid. A digital timer control and display are also provided. (See more here)

Xeros Vacuum Bed

Xeros vacuum bed UV exposure unitThe Xeros range of single and double sided (DS) vacuum bed UV units feature an attractive low profile aluminium case, and are fitted with an advanced electronic timer controller.
(See more here)

Vastex E1000

Vaxtex E1000 vacuum bed screen printing exposure unitThe E1000 tabletop vacuum exposure unit is our entry level system for screen production and as such, is priced at a very competitive level for a unit of this capability and quality. Packed with features, this unit will not disappoint. (See more here)

Vastex Expos-It

E2331 openThe Vastex Expos-It table top, vacuum bed screen printing exposure unit is a fully featured exposure device that is fitted with many of the features you would expect to find on more expensive models. (See more here)

Free Standing Metal Halide

Free standing metal halide light source for screen printingDalesway is pleased to offer a complete range of high output, free standing metal halide light sources to expose photo stencils or other uv light sensitive materials.
(See more here)

Self Contained Metal Halide

Self contained metal halide vacuum bed screen print exposure unitOur range of self contained exposure units are designed to accept a wide range of screen frame sizes making them ideal for education and research organisations.
(See more here)

Would you like further help and advice?

If you have a pad printing application that you would like to discuss or need help in deciding which of our single colours models will be best for your needs, please call email or write to us using the details shown at the bottom of this page and together, we will find a solution for your print requirement.


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