Self Contained Metal Halide Exposure Units

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A high specification screen print exposure unit

Our range of self contained metal halide exposure units are designed to accept a wide range of screen frame sizes within a cabinet system.

This design incorporates the metal halide light source in the base of the unit and the glass / vacuum frame on the top of the cabinet. As such, the unit is therefore fully enclosed which allows safe operation in an open environment.

All controls including a light integrator are located on a front panel that is fitted to a large, detachable service floor. Fluorescent tubes are also incorporated within the unit to aid in the "touching up" process. All models are fitted with castors and are constructed in a way that allows them to fit through a standard doorway during installation.

Self contained metal halide exposure unit for screen printingThe intimate contact that is required for stencil exposure is obtained from a powerful yet quiet suction unit. The vacuum blanket is mounted to the top of the rising frame and the air is exhausted through holes in the inside of this frame, thus allowing the full glass area to be utilised. The raising rubber frame is supported by two gas filled lifting arms.

There are 6 models in the range to cover every requirement, with 3 sizes and various power levels available. Metal halide light sources are available from 1600 watts through to 6000 watts.The light sources can be fitted with either Diazo (420 nm) or photo polymer (365 nm) lamps. The model 0 and model 1 units are fitted with a universal lamp. Either single phase or three phase power is required.

For industrial, textile, education and graphic applications, our self contained exposure units are capable of exposing direct emulsion, capillary film, litho, pad printing and photo resist products.



The standard specifications of the self contained screen print exposure units are as follows

  Model 0 Model 1 Model 2b Model 3 Model 3a Model 3b
Maximum frame size 69 x 100 cm 99 x 125 cm 99 x 125 cm 127 x 171 cm 127 x 171 cm 127 x 171 cm
Lamp power 400 / 1600 w 400 / 1600 w 4 / 6 kW 4 / 6 kW 400 / 1600 w 4 / 6 kW
System Auto shutter Auto shutter Auto shutter Rapid start Auto shutter Auto shutter
Height 115 cm 115 cm 115 cm 124 cm 124 cm 124 cm
Width 130 cm 148 cm 148 cm 198 cm 198 cm 198 cm
Depth 94 cm 122 cm 122 cm 158 cm 158 cm 158 cm
Weight 150 kg 181 kg 250 kg 314 kg 296 kg 336 kg
Voltage 240 v 1 phase 240 v 1 phase 440 v 3 phase 440 v 3 phase 240 v 1 phase 440 v 3 phase
Current 10 amps 10 amps 20 amps 20 amps 13 amps 20 amps
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year

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