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Quality t-shirt printing machines, dryers and LED exposure units

Whether you are looking for a cost effective, entry level upgradeable platform as offered by the Vastex V100 or the best manual carousel presently available, the Vastex V2000, take a moment to browse our site – we offer high quality, upgradeble equipment that is not made in the Far East and comes with industry leading warranties that set them apart from the competition.

Using silk screen printing equipment to decorate garments is pretty much an industry standard, but a screen printing machine can also be used to print a variety of other products such as industrial components, machine panels, crates and much more.

The product range:

Silk Screen Printing Equipment

Introduction to screen printing carouselsWhile t-shirt printing is always in high demand, you need to ensure that you purchase equipment that will allow you the flexibility to offer a range of complimentary products too. Don't send your customers to the competition, with our range of silk screen printing equipment, you will be able to offer your clients a wide range of printed items thanks to an innovative range of platens and accessories. (Screen Printing Machine)

DiGiT Universal Numbering System

Vastex V2000 Athletic Numbering SystemAnyone that regularly prints numbers will know how time consuming numbering with heat transfer printing is.The DiGiT numbering system can be used on any manual rear clamp screen printing machine or if you need a quality press, the Vastex V2000 press is highly recommended. This clever accessory will revolutionise the way you print numbers onto garments, saving you time and money. (Screen Printing Numbers)

Screen Drying Cabinets

Vastex screen drying systemsA screen drying cabinet is the ideal way to increase the productivity of your screen printing business. Using a screen drying cabinet dramatically cuts down the time required for a screen to dry after being coated either with a liquid emulsion or capillary film. In a busy t-shirt shop, this saving both in time and of course in money can be invaluable when screens need to be prepared at short notice. (Screen Dryers)

Screen Printing Dryers

Vastex infra red tunnel dryersWhether you need a t-shirt dryer, general purpose screen print dryer or a more sophisticated infra red tunnel dryer, we have a range to suit just about every requirement. The importance of a good infra red tunnel dryer should never be overlooked irrespective of whether you are buying your first screen printing machine or expanding your existing business with better equipment. (Tunnel Dryers)

Flash Cure Units

Vastex infra red flash cure unitsA flash cure unit or spot cure unit as it is also known is an essential part of each screen printing business. After each colour is printed onto a t-shirt or other product, the flash cure unit is used to dry off the top layer of ink using an infra red heat source. This stage is not the final cure. (Spot Cure Units)

Screen Exposure Units

Vastex vacuum bed UV exposure unitOur range of UV exposure units and metal halide light sources for screen printers offer great value in a truly professional package. Screen exposure units ideally need vacuum hold down to create the best quality artwork, and all our units offer this feature. (UV Screen Exposure Units)

Washout Booths

Vastex washout boothsA washout booth is a great tool when you are making screens on a very regular basis as it keeps the potential mess from water and chemicals in one place. The purpose of a washout booth is not to remove ink but to prepare the screens initially and remove the stencil when reclaiming a screen. (Washout Booths)

Artroom Tools

Screen registration systemEverything for the busy artroom including an artwork registration system to dramatically cut setup times at the press, software to create colour separations, an ink mixing system for Pantone colours and a book and DVD set to make learning screen printing easy. (Artroom Tools )


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