Screen Printing Equipment

What you need and how to choose

Buying your first screen printing equipment can be a little confusing at first and indeed setting up a business can be daunting task if you are new to the industry. The aim of the information below is to lead you step-by-step through choosing your press, essentials and other nice-to-haves.

If you are uncertain about what equipment you are going to need to start your new business venture, then please feel free to call us and we will do our best to provide help and guidance.

We always try to dovetail what we suggest in relation to items of equipment you must have access to in order to setup a screen print operation with your budget and available space in within your business unit.

You can quickly navigate to specific sections if you already know what you need. The top navigation offers drop-down lists of all available screen printing equipment, or you can call us at any time for help and advice.

Step 1:
Choose a Press

When choosing the type of machine best suited to your needs, you have the following options :

While manual screen printing equipment can be used for a wide variety of printing applications, some clients do have a need to print very high volumes of garments each and every day.

If this is a requirement for your business, we suggest either a Vastex V2000 10 station 10 colour manually operated carousel, of anautomatic machine from a different supplier.

Both flat and cylindrical items can be screen printed with our range of semi automatic screen printers.

Manual Screen Printing Equipment Intro

Step 2:
Other Essentials

In addition to the screen printing press, you will need the following essential items :

* In some cases you can use a flash cure for the final cure. Ideal for starter shops with limited budget or space.

Tunnel dryers ensure a professional finish that is wash fast and optimum production from your press. We offer upgradeable tunnel dryers with extensive guarantees for complete peace of mind.

Tunnel Dryer

Step 3:
The Nice-to-haves

As and when your budget allows, you will want to add other useful items to your business:

These products are all about improving productivity and workflow in your screen printing shop.

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