Pad Printing Equipment

What you need and how to choose

Pad printing equipment is extremely versatile and can be used to do either product decoration or marking on a very wide range of items and substrates. The following suggestions are a guide intended especially for those new to the opportunities presented by a business that offers a pad printing service.

Pad printing is one of the most versatile printing processes available despite a number of fully digital alternatives being available. However, just as traditional screen printing will never be fully replaced by direct to garment printing, the same is true of pad printing.

If the choice of available pad printers is overwhelming, follow our handy guide or simply call us for personal help and advice in choosing a model that is suitable for your requirements.

For seasoned professionals there are direct links to all available products from the top drop-down navigation menu.

Step 1:
Choose a Press

When choosing the type of pad printing machine best suited to your needs, you can choose from:

  • Semi-Automatic Presses
    – A wide range of available options from one colour, two colour, four colout and five colour, offering a wide range of print areas up to 70 x 17cm

Our single colour GTO semi automatic pad printing machines are ideal for short and medium run applications because they are so quick and easy to set up and change over between jobs or print colours.

A comprehensive 5 year parts warranty is includes with each GTO pad printer for added peace of mind.

Pad Printer - Semi-automatic

Step 2:
Other Essentials

In addition to the pad printing press, you will need to give consideration to the following:

  • Exposure Unit
    – To create your cliches or pad printing plates in-house
  • Tunnel Dryer
    – For the final cure – ideal to speed up production. Choose from UV and infra red.
  • Consumables
    – inks, doctor blades, solvents

Most pad printing companies will choose an exposure unit and tunnel dryer as part of their essentials, but feel free to ask for advice if you are not sure.

Tunnel Dryer Options - Fully Upgradeable

Step 3:
The Nice-to-haves

As and when your budget allows, you may want to add other useful items to your pad printing business:

Pad printing more advanced, full colour images require these additional helpful products.

Colour Separation Essentials

Pad Printing Consumables

The essence of your business is of course the day to day requirements to ensure you can tackle any print job that comes along.

We offer a wide range of pad printing inks, solvents, printing plates cut to any size required and silicone transfer pads. If we don't have a suitable transfer pad to suit your pad printing job, we can offer a bespoke transfer pad making service. We are also pleased to offer a printing plate making service for customers who do not wish to buy an exposure unit at the outset.

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