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Advanced screen printing dryers & pad print dryers

Drying ovens are a truly essential piece of kit in a busy screen printing or pad printing business.

EC-I Infra Red Conveyor Oven

The EconoRed range of screen printing dryers will satisfy the more demanding printer that requires medium production capabilities with the added convenience of an advanced, highly accurate, digital temperature control on the oven. This range is also suitable for use as pad print dryers.

With increased production capabilities of 300 to 600 pieces per chamber, per hour on the EconoRed II range, these tunnel dryers still retain a high level of compactness.

The EconoRed II range feature production capabilities from 300+ pieces per hour (EC-II-30) up to 600+ pieces per hour (EC-II-54). Estimated production capabilities are based on curing plastisol printed t-shirts and will differ for pad printed products and water based screen printed ink.

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Vastex Econored II Infra Red Tunnel DryerWhy buy a Vastex Econored dryer?

There are a number of reasons why any new or expanding screen printing business would purchase a Vastex Econored dryer over a competitor product.

Consider the Econored II - 54 model as an example.

When curing all-over prints on larger shirts, the full belt width of the conveyor can be used allowing more shirts to be cured, or XXL and larger to be cured without folding, hence allowing a high capacity to be maintained.

When you have finished curing all-over printed shirts and need to cure standard prints, simply turn one heat zone off .

The EC II range can also be supplied with a second heating chamber which doubles the production achieved by the dryer.

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Key features

  • 76cm (30") or 137cm (54") belt widthVastex Econored III - 54 Tunnel Dryer
  • 15 year heater guarantee (to first buyer)
  • Variable DC belt speed control
  • Height adjustable heating element
  • Power from 7,200 to 28,800 watts
  • Single phase 32 / 60 Amp power supply
  • Optional castored stand for easy movement
  • Removable heat chamber to aid transportation
  • Expandable at any time
  • Wide feed and exit openings
  • Infra red focusing system
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Powered exhaust with filtered intake
  • Forced air internal to drying chamber

To review the specifications for the next model in the Vastex dryer range, please click here

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Vastex DriBox Exhaust Hood OptionThe Econored range has several options that are available as upgrades, either when the machine is purchased, or later during ownership.

Standard optional upgrade includes an exhaust fan to remove fumes or moisture from the drying chamber; an exhaust hood to remove fumes that are given off from garments as they exit the drying chamber; heavy duty lockable castors for easy movement of the dryer; additional drying chambers and belt extentions.

Econored II models have are fitted with an inbuilt exhaust and chamber make up air system as standard. The exhaust hood and heavy duty castors remain optional on the Econored II models however.

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Machine specifications

  EC-II-30 EC-II-54
Heater warranty 15 years 15 years
Defect warranty 3 years 3 years
Shirts per hour 300 + 600 +
Heater wattage 7,200 watts or 14,400 watts 14,400 watts or 28,800 watts
Cost per hour to operate (based on £0.10 / kWh £0.72 or £1.44 £1.44 or £2.88
Internal parts material Aluminium coated steel Aluminium coated steel
Belt speed 0 - 4.9 m/min 0 - 4.9 m/min
Additional chambers 51cm 91cm
Heater size 2 @ 30 x 61cm or 4 @ 30 x 61cm 2 @ 30 x 122cm or 4 @30 x 12cm
Temperature controller Digital PID Digital PID
Heater temperature range 0 - 538 Celsius 0 - 538 Celsius
Make up air 380 cfm 380 cfm
Exhaust hood Optional Optional
Powered exhaust Standard Standard
Legs Standard Standard
Locking castors Optional Optional
Single phase mains Optional 3 phase Optional 3 phase
Tunnel length 91cm 91cm
Tunnel width (in feed) 88cm 149cm
Tunnel height (in feed) 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm
Overall height 74cm 74cm
Overall height with optional legs 135cm 135cm
Overall width 124cm 187cm
Overall length 221cm or 312cm 221cm or 312cm
Weight 250kg 345kg

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and answers for: Vastex EconoRed infra red tunnel dryerEconored screen print drying ovens

If you have reviewed the Econored product page you will already know that these screen print drying ovens are quite advanced with some high tech features like a digital temperature controller that are normally not offered on t-shirt tunnel dryers.

The Econored range and indeed other Vastex screen print drying ovens have been engineered to to be shorter and smaller than the average conveyor dryer while still offering fast production times.

To review the available models, please visit the product page or call us for more help. Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about our screen print drying ovens.

Click on a question below to reveal the answer:

  • What is a screen print drying oven?

    When products like t-shirts are printed using plastisol inks, they must be properly cured. The ideal way to fully cure a plastisol print is to use a drying oven.

    Such ovens are fitted with a conveyor belt so you can simply put your printed t-shirt or other item on the belt and the oven takes care of the rest once you have initially set it up and tested that the temperature and the speed is correct.

  • Why do I need an EconoRed tunnel dryer?

    Plastisol ink must be heated to 160° Celsius and held at this temperature for a specific time. Unless this happens, the printed image may crack, fade come away from the garment. Plastisol ink can only be cured using infra red heat and a conveyor dryer is the most efficient and accurate way to achieve this.

    You may also want to consider the DriBox range of tunnel dryers that offer a slightly lower specification and price point or if you have more demanding requirements, we offer the BigRed range of tunnel dryers.

  • How controllable is the EconoRed tunnel dryer?

    The control panel of Econored tunnel dryers allow temperature and belt speed to be adjusted using a highly advanced digital interface that is accurate to within one degree Celsius. A digital temperature controller and belt speed controller are standard on the Econored range.

    The infra red heating element can also be raised and lowered from the garment or even tilted at an angle when items such as baseball caps are being cured.

    Even though the Econored offers digital temperature control, you should always check the temperature inside the tunnel chamber using paper temperature strips or an electronic measuring device to ensure that you run the dryer at the correct setting.

  • Are EconoRed dryers upgradeable?

    Yes. Both the Vastex Little Red range of tunnel dryers and the Econored range can be upgraded at any time after initial purchase.

    Whilst the width of the dryer cannot be changed, the length of the conveyor section can be increased and additional heating chambers can also be added.

    Adding an additional heating chamber to a conveyor drying oven with a single heating chamber doubles the production capacity. Investing in a Vastex screen print drying oven is guaranteed to allow your business to grow without having to scrap your initial investment.

  • Do I need special power requirements?

    When supplied with one heating chamber, Econored t-shirt tunnel dryers can be run from a standard single phase 32 or 64 amp supply as found in most business premises. An option to upgrade to three phase mains is available and should be considered when power demand exceeds 32 amps.

  • Are EconoRed conveyor dryers free standing?

    All Econored drying ovens are supplied with legs as standard. This allows the dryer to stand at the optimal height for efficient operation. Optional castors are available to allow the oven to be moved around easily.

  • Do I need to worry about fumes when curing garments?

    When curing plastisol inks there will be a degree of fumes produced from the dyes used to manufacture the garment during the curing cycle. Each Econored drying oven is fitted with an exhaust hood to which a further extraction system can be added as an optional extra if needed.

  • Is an EconoRed conveyor dryer easy to use?

    Once you have set the correct temperature, element height and belt speed, the dryer continues without any further intervention.

    Also remember that your initial setup should include checking the temperature using either a laser temperature measuring device or paper thermometers.

  • Are EconoRed drying ovens reliable?

    We are so convinced of the reliability of this range of products that we offer an industry leading 3 year guarantee on the dryer and 15 year guarantee on the heating element, which should give the new purchaser complete peace of mind.

  • Can I install an EconoRed screen printing tunnel dryer at my home based business?

    Yes. The Econored range is supplied partially assembled.

    The conveyor section is supplied in two halves that are bolted together and then the legs and optional castors would be fitted.

    The heating unit is simply lifted onto the conveyor section. It takes less than half and hour to put together a standard EconoRed 30 or 54 unit.

    The mains power requirement of any Econored tunnel dryer would probably require a small electrical upgrade at any residential address.

    An Econored that is configured for three phase mains supply would probably not be suitable for installation at a residential address.

    Please feel free to call us on 0845 224 1204 if you would like to discuss this specific requirement.

What about high production?

There are a number of reasons why any new or expanding screen printing business would purchase a Vastex Econored dryer over a competitor product.

Consider just two reaons why the Econored range is one of the best choices of dryer for curing Plastisol and water based ink.

The Econored II - 54 has a belt width of 137cm, and can cure up to 600 shirts per hour making it a great choice for use with more than one manual carousel or an automatic.

If you add a second heat chamber to this dryer and a longer conveyor, production capacity increases to over 1200 shirts per hour!


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