Hot Stamping Equipment

What you need and how to choose

Hot stamping or hot foil printing is a versatile process that can add shiny metallic foils, special effects and many other unique finishes to a wide variety of products.

Choosing between a standard manual foil printing press and a computer-driven digital solution is the only choice you need to make. If the choice is a manual hot foil printer, you can add handy extras like an exposure unit to make your own dies and brass type to allow complete flexibility to personalise products with individual names or other text.

We offer four models of manual hot stamping presses to suit your application and a further four digital models to complete the range.

Step 1:
Choose a Press

Standard manual or digital options are available:

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Step 2:
Other Essentials

The bits that keep you going day to day:

  • UV Exposure Units
    – To create your hot foil polymer plates in-house
  • Hot Stamping Consumables
    – Foils, die bonding tape etc

While an uv exposure unit may not be essential for every business, it certainly offers a lot of scope by allowing shorter turnaround times and increased profits when dies are made in-house.

Step 3:
The Nice-to-haves

Other useful items for your hot foil printing business:

  • Brass Type
    – To print names or lines of text
  • Printing Plates
    – To print a combination of text and design at the same time

If you need to print a specific type of product like a pencil, ribbon or even book matches, or just want to add a personal touch with names or a special date, these items will really prove useful.

Hot Foil Printing Consumables

Brass hot foil printing type

We can assist you with all your hot foil printing consumable requirements.

Whether you require foil or something as simple as a bit of die bonding tape, we can help.

Our comprehensive range of foils do not originate in the Far East and is of the highest quality, ideal for projects where the substrate can be awkward to print.

Print trials can be carried out to ensure the best foil for the job is selected prior to purchase.

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