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GTO 550: Cylindrical Screen Printer & Flat Screen Printer

GTO 550 Semi automatic screen printing systemAn automatic screen printing press is invaluable in high production environments and a unit like the 550 that combines a cylindrical screen printer and a flat screen printer is particularly versatile.

A cylindrical screen printer allows for the decoration of a wide range of products - packaging such as glass or plastic bottles can easily be decorated, as can medical products and science equipment such as pipettes.

Unlike with pad printing, with this type of machine there is no constraint as to how far you can print around a cylinder.

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Tampo printing machines would generally struggle to print more than 25-30% around the circumference of a cylinder, so screen printing is the best solution provided that the product has an even surface that can be offered up to the screen for printing.

Cylindrical screen printing is based on exactly the same principles as flat screen printing. However, when converted to perform a cylindrical print, the squeegee mechanism remains in a fixed position and the screen moves from left to right whilst the product is pushed upwards against the screen.

The action of the screen moving causes the cylindrical product to rotate against the screen and ink is applied at the same time as the product is turned.

Screen printing is not suitable for products with complex shapes or surfaces such as the surface of a golf ball for instance.

The GTO 550 EVO cylindrical screen printer is a high quality pneumatically operated automatic screen printing press that offers either cylindrical or flat printing simply by changing a few components. A "slider" version is available as well. This type of operation is ideal if you want the operator further away from the machine for added safety.

The machine is fully CE compliant and meets the required safety levels for operation. Additional video footage of the 550 in action printing onto flat products can be viewed on the 570 page. The 570 model is intended only for printing onto flat objects, but is based on the 550.

Video Demo

Standard specifications – 550 Evo
automatic screen printing press:

 GTO five year warranty Evo 550
Number of colours 1
Screen frame size 75 x 43 cm
Maximum print area 55 x 35 cm
Maximum product height 30 cm
Print speed Up to 600 per hour
Dimensions (h, w, d in cm) 200 x 140 x 100 cm
Weight 400 kg

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