FilmMaker RIP = Really Impressive Prints!

Create top quality film positives from your desktop printer

halftone image

FilmMaker RIP is a PostScript interpreter that makes it possible to print high-quality halftone dots on an Epson inkjet printer. FilmMaker RIP tells the printer to lay down a much denser deposit of black ink, creating an image quality similar to imageset output. The halftone dots are carefully calibrated – if you specify a 50% dot, you get exactly that on the film!

Used by more screenprint professionals worldwide than any other film seperation software, FilmMaker allows users to print directly from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand or EasyArt. There are no additional steps or confusing commands. Specify the halftone line count and angle just as you always do and press print as normal!

The latest version of FilmMaker provides the best quality and value in the inkjet film separation RIP software category. No other RIP vendors can claim the same combination of precision screening, optimum density levels, ease of use and job management workflow tools that FilmMaker provides to screen printers.

Here's just a sampling of some of the new features!

Highest quality, precision screening

FilmMaker includes CADlink’s unique, advanced AM/FM screening algorithm. Jitter™ provides a simple, flexible way in which to modify halftone screens for exceptional print quality in mid-tones, gradients, shadows and highlights.

Density rich films

Select the exact film density required by using the FilmMaker ink density test print. FilmMaker is able to provide optimum ink levels using a variety of ink/media combinations.

Easy to set-up, easy to use RIP software

Quick and easy printer, ink, media setup. The printer and queue wizard will get you up and running in minutes without the need for any documentation. Further printing adjustments and customization can be completed afterwards using FilmMakers advanced settings.

in RIP separations

Select your favorite workflow. FilmMaker provides the ability to separate files directly in the RIP. No need to purchase, learn and use secondary applications.

Your choice!

Separations created in your favorite graphic application OR separations created directly in FilmMaker”

Why use a software based RIP?

FilmMaker provides precisely screened, density-rich films on a wide variety of Epson printers, and in addition, has support for a limited range of Canon and Ricoh inkjet printers.

When you burn screens using clear film with crisp, sharp black images, you will find they expose much better and there is no need to adjust exposure times. So, when it comes to high-end multi-colour screen printing, the production of high quality colour separations is an absolute must. Screen printing is inherently different from other printing processes, hence the need for software designed by industry experts that understand the process and how to get the best from it.

Why is FilmMaker RIP so special?

Product resources:

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