LittleRed Drying Ovens

Upgradeable conveyor dryers for screen printing

Drying ovens are a truly essential piece of kit in a busy screen printing business.Vastex LittleRed Conveyor Dryer

The LittleRed range is aimed at users that want a wider belt width, and may have a need to upgrade the dryer at some future point, hence is a step above the entry level D series dryers.

LittleRed drying ovens can easily handle small production plastisol based print jobs in the 130 - 520 pieces per hour range.

The LittleRed X1 isavailable in a 76cm or 137cm belt width. The X1 76cm model can be run from a standard 13 amp mains supply as found in all homes and most office and workshops. The larger X1 137cm model is still single phase, but requires a dedicated 32 or 50 amp supply.

The true beauty of a LittleRed conveyor dryer is that it is upgradeable at any time in the future, effectively giving you the prospect of owning a LittleRed X2 series model when you are ready to cure more production.

If a belt extension and additional heating chamber are added, the production capacity is doubled without the need to purchase a second dryer.

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Why buy a Vastex LittleRed X1 or X2?

Vastex LittleRed X2 Infra Red Tunnel DryerThere are a number of reasons why any growing screen printing business would purchase a Vastex LittleRed over a competitor product, but perhaps the two most important are upgradeability and optional extras that make the dryer even more useful.

Every LittleRed X1 dryer starts life as a single chamber, 76cm or 137cm belt width model. As your business grows, so too must your dryer.

It is with this in mind that the LittleRed X2 can have additional heat chambers and belt extensions added, either when the machine is new, or later on during ownership.

The LittleRed X1 will between 130 - 260 garments per hour, or between 260 - 520 per hour with a second heat chamber on the LittleRed X2 137cm model thanks to a highly efficient infra red emitter that comes with an industry leading 15 year warranty.

No other manufacturer comes close to Vastex when it comes to standing by the products they offer.

Power is provided to the single chamber LittleRed X1 using a standard 13 amp plug which means the LittleRed X1 can be used almost anywhere. The LittleRed X2 model requires a 32 amp single phase supply.

As with all upgradeable Vastex dryers, the LittleRed X1 and X2 has digital controls for temperature and belt speed, and the heating element can be raised, lowered or tilted according to the needs of the product that is being cured.

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Vastex LittleRed X1 Infra Red Tunnel Dryer Vastex LittleRed X2 Infra Red Tunnel Dryer Vastex LittleRed Control Box Vastex LittleRed Tunnel Dryer Element Height Control

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Key featuresVastex LittleRed X1 - 54 infra red tunnel dryer

  • Compact size (from 130cm length)
  • 15 year heater warranty
  • Variable DC belt speed control
  • Removable heat chamber
  • Expandable at any time
  • Wide feed and exit openings
  • Infra red focusing system
  • Height adjustable heating element
  • 2,600 watts, 5,200 watts or 10,400 watts
  • Single phase 13 - 50 amp
  • Optional castors for easy movement
  • Single or double heat chamber

To review the specifications for the next model in the Vastex dryer range, please click here

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OptionsVastex DriBox Exhaust Hood Option

The LittleRed X1 range has several options that are available as upgrades, either when the machine is purchased, or later during ownership.

Standard optional upgrade include an exhaust fan to remove fumes or moisture from the drying chamber; an exhaust hood to remove fumes that are given off from garments as they exit the drying chamber; heavy duty lockable castors for easy movement of the dryer; additional drying chambers and belt extensions.

The LittleRed X2 is supplied with a powered exhaust system as standard.

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Machine specifications

  LR X1 - 30 LR X1 - 54 LR X2 -30 LR X2 - 54
Heater warranty 15 years 15 years 15 years 15 years
Defect warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Shirts per hour (Plastisol) 130 per hour 260 per hour 260 per hour 520 per hour
Heater wattage 2,600 watts 5,200 watts 5,200 watts 10,400 watts
Cost per hour to operate (based on £0.10 / kWh £0.26 £0.52 £0.52 £1.04
Internal parts material Aluminium coated steel Aluminium coated steel Aluminium coated steel Aluminium coated steel
Belt speed 0 - 1.6 m/min 0 - 3.6 m/min 0 - 1.6 m/min 0 - 3.6 m/min
Additional chambers 46cm 92cm 46cm 92cm
Heater size 30 x 61cm 2 @ 30 x 61cm 30 x 122cm 2 @ 30 x 122cm
Temperature controller Digital Digital Digital Digital
Heater temperature range 0 - 399 Celsius 0 - 482 Celsius 0 - 399 Celsius 0 - 482 Celsius
Powered exhaust 177 cfm optional 388 cfm optional 177 cfm 388 cfm
Legs Standard Standard Standard Standard
Locking castors Optional Optional Optional Optional
Single phase mains Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tunnel length 46cm 92cm 46cm 92cm
Tunnel width (in feed) 85cm 85cm 85cm 85cm
Tunnel height (in feed) 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm
Overall height 65cm 65cm 65cm 65cm
Overall height with optional legs 122cm 127cm 122cm 127cm
Overall width 104cm 166cm 104cm 166cm
Overall length 122cm 213cm 122cm 213cm
Weight 78kg 138kg 173kg 218kg

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FAQ'sLittleRed X2 Conveyor Dryer

and answers for: LittleRed infra red screen print dryers

The LittleRed range of t-shirt drying ovens are very easy to use, but if you do have any questions, please review the enclosed or ask us if you need to know anything else. We hope that this information will help you to decide if the LittleRed range of infra red screen print dryers are the perfect machines for your t-shirt printing business.

Click on a question below to reveal the answer:

  • What is an infra red screen print dryer?

    T-shirts and other clothing that is printed with an ink called Plastisol, which is the most widely used by screen printers, must be heated to a specific temperature after printing and kept at that temperature until it is fully plasticised. The best type of equipment to use for this application is referred to as an infra red screen print dryer. Other common names include tunnel dryers, t-shirt drying ovens or simply infra red conveyor dryers.

  • Why do I need a LittleRed X1 or X2 tunnel dryer?

    Plastisol ink must be heated to 160° Celsius and held at this temperature until the ink has plasticised all the way down to the garment. Unless this requirement is met, the printed image may crack, fade and eventually come away from the printed garment. Plastisol can only be fully cured using infra red heat and a conveyor dryer is the most efficient and accurate way to achieve this.

  • How controllable is the LittleRed tunnel dryer?

    As with all Vastex modular infra red screen print dryers, the control panel of the LittleRed X1 or X2 units is digitally set to an exact temperature The temperature and belt speed can be adjusted and set according to the job you need to cure and the infra red heating element can also be raised and lowered from the garment or even tilted at an angle when items such as caps are being cured. You should always check the temperature inside the tunnel chamber using paper temperature strips or an electronic measuring device to make sure you run the dryer at the correct setting.

  • Are the LittleRed X1 t-shirt drying ovens upgradeable?

    All Vastex tunnel dryers with the exception of the D series units can be upgraded at any time after initial purchase. Whilst the width of the drying oven cannot be changed, the length of the conveyor belt can be increased and additional heating chambers can also be added. This allows the curing capacity of the tunnel dryer to be raised without the need to purchase a completely new system and saves you money in the long run. X1 models can have an additional heat chamber added to increase production.

  • Do I need special power requirements?

    When supplied with one heating chamber, the LittleRed X1range can be run from a standard single phase 13 amp supply as found in most homes and businesses. However, when additional heating chambers are added, it is likely that the circuit breaker for the ring main used may have to be upgraded to cover a 5,200 or 10.400 watt power requirement.

  • Are LittleRed X1 and X2 t-shirt drying ovens table top or free standing?

    The LittleRed range are supplied with legs and optional castors can be ordered to move the dryer around when required.

  • Do I need to worry about fumes when curing products?

    Plastisol ink cures at 160° Celsius so there will be a degree of fumes produced during the curing cycle. Each LittleRed X1 infra red screen print dryer is fitted with an exhaust port to which an extraction system can be added as an optional extra. X2 models are fitted with an exhaust system as standard.

  • Is a LittleRed conveyor dryer easy to use?

    Once you have set the correct temperature, element height and belt speed, the dryer continues without any further intervention. All you have to do is remember to switch it off when you have finished!

  • Are LitleRed t-shirt drying ovens reliable?

    Absolutely. In fact Vastex are so convinced of the reliability of this range of products that we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on the main components of the dryer (belt excluded) and 15 years on the heating element to the first purchaser!

  • Can I install a LittleRed X1 or X2 infra red screen print dryer at my home based business?

    Yes. The LittleRed range is supplied as a part self assembly unit. The conveyor section is supplied in two halves that are bolted together and then the optional legs and castors would be fitted. The heating unit is then lifted onto the conveyor section and the assembly is then complete. It takes around 60 minutes to assemble a standard LittleRed X1 unit. A standard width doorway of 75cm will allow all components to fit through prior to assembly and it is easy to fit back through the same size doorway afterwards by simply lifting the heating chamber off the base.

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