Engraved Brass Type

Designed for hot foil printing

Black Box pressure pad UV exposure unit for polymer plate makingA hot foil printing machine will be an asset to any promotional printing company. But a machine that can work easily and efficiently with traditional printing type will be a much more versatile and useable solution.

Not all hot foil printing machines are simple to use with type. Many British platen designed printers are incredibly difficult to set type up with and are time consuming when a change has to be made.

This is not the case with a Kwikprint system which uses both type and printing plates interchangeably.

How should I choose a set of type?

Depending on how the type was originally intended to be used, different materials are used during manufacture. The cheapest, but poorest quality type is made from lead and is not at all suitable for hot foil printing due to the softness of the material. Composite cast type is normally made from a slightly harder combination of metals known as an alloy, and this is a slightly better and longer lasting product. However, it is unlikely that alloy type will be able to blind deboss due to the very shallow printing face on each piece of type.

Our range of engraved brass type is some of the hardest and most durable available. The body of the type is first machined to an exact point size then ground to the exact height know as type high (3.35mm). The characters are deeply engraved onto each piece of type and special jigs are used to ensure perfect alignment and excellent definition on almost all surfaces. As a result, we can guarantee that our engraved type can be used just as effectively for blind debossing as it can for traditional foil printing.

How do we supply the type?

This begins with the selection of the typeface from our list of around 60 styles. An appropriate point size must then be selected, for example, 12 point or 18 point and so on. After these two selections have been made, a choice of the number of pieces of uppercase and if required, lowercase characters in required. To keep matters simple, we offer two choices – 100 pieces of A–Z or 150 pieces of A–Z. Numbers and some special characters such as commas, full stops etc are also provided as part of the set. Please remember that if you want both uppercase and lowercase, you will need to order either 200 or 300 pieces in total.

The steps required to select your type are as follows:

Sequential Numbering Boxes

Designed for hot foil printing applications

Dalesway offers a range of sequential numbering boxes that can be used with the Kwikprint range of hot foil printing machines.

These numbering boxes are plunger operated and can be located directly inside the tiltable type and die holder used on the Kwikrpint system.

Each numbering box has a choice of printing face, number of wheels, size of print, forward or backward operation and "skip numbering" and repeating models can also be provided.. The numbering boxes are made entirely from high grade steel and the figure wheels are deeply engraved and hardened to give a long and accurate working life.


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