The BigRed Screen Printing Dryer

A high performance infra red dryer for DTG and water based inks

Vastex Big Red Screen Print Dryer

If you need an infra red screen printing dryer for a high production environment or perhaps to cure water-based inks, or DTG prints alongside plastisol, the BigRed range offers a versatile, high speed solution on an upgradeable platform.

High specification, high performance and extreme versatility - all of these requirements are integrated into each Vastex BigRed screen printing dryer.

Within the range, the BR3 series conveyor tunnel dryers are ideal for high production environments where the need is to cure plastisol ink or indeed to cure water-based inks at faster rates.Vastex ten year heater warranty logo

Why buy a Vastex Big Red tunnel dryer?

If you are looking for a compact screen print tunnel dryer that is under 3 metres in length, can be either single phase or three phase mains, and, you need to cure water based as well as DTG printed ink, the Vastex Big Red 4 is the only choice.

Vastex Big Red Twin Chamber Infra Red Tunnel DryerInfra red dryers for screen printers come in many designs to address the individual needs of different t-shirt printers and other screen printing operations.

However, the BigRed range of screen printing dryers will satisfy the more demanding printer that requires high production capabilities with the added convenience of advanced, accurate, digital temperature control, forced air to help with curing, exhaust air and finally, cool down air at the end of the conveyor to gently reduce the temperature of the garment.

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Key features

  • 76cm (30") or 137cm (54") belt width
  • 15 year heater guarantee
  • Variable DC belt speed control
  • Height adjustable heating element
  • Single phase on V30 models (option of three phase) and three phase power only on V54 models
  • Optional heavy duty lockable castors for easy movement
  • Removable heat chamber
  • Cool down at tunnel chamber exit
  • Wide feed and exit openings
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Powered exhaust with intake filter and dryer chamber make up air system
  • Vastex Big Red Twin Chamber Tunnel Dryer With Optional Exit ExtensionCustom Built

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Vastex DriBox Exhaust Hood OptionThe Big Red range has several options that are available as upgrades, either when the machine is purchased, or later during ownership.

Standard optional upgrade includes an exhaust hood to remove fumes that are given off from garments as they exit the drying chamber; heavy duty lockable castors for easy movement of the dryer; additional drying chambers and belt extentions.

All Big Red models are fitted with an inbuilt exhaust system, chamber make up air system and forced air garment cool down at chamber exit as standard.

Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of compact tunnel dryers

Machine specifications

  V30/3 V30/4 V54/3 V54/4
Heater warranty 15 years 15 years 15 years 15 years
Defect warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Shirts per hour - Plastisol 475+ 475+ 950+ 950+
Shirts per hour - Water based 175+ 200+ 350+ 400+
Shirts per hour - Digital white ink n/a 56 shirts @ 4 mins or 42 @ 6mins n/a 112 shirts @ 4 mins or 84 @ 6mins
Cost per hour to operate (based on £0.10 / kWh £1.10 £1.44 £2.16 £2.88
Heater wattage 10,800 watts 14,400 watts 21,600 watts 28,800 watts
Heater size 3 @ 30 x 61cm 4@ 30 x 61cm 3 @ 30 x 12cm 4 @ 30 x 12cm
Temperature controller Digital PID Digital PID Digital PID Digital PID
Temperature range 0 - 482 Celsius 0 - 482 Celsius 0 - 482 Celsius 0 - 482 Celsius
Belt speed 0.34 - 4.9 m/min 0.34 - 3.7 m/min 0.34 - 4.9 m/min 0.34 - 3.7 m/min
Internal parts material Coated steel Coated steel Coated steel Coated steel
Internal insulation Double wall air cooled Double wall air cooled Double wall air cooled Double wall air cooled
Exhaust air 450 cfm 450 cfm 550 cfm 550 cfm
Forced air 225 cfm 225 cfm 300 cfm 300 cfm
Powered exhaust Standard Standard Standard Standard
Legs Standard Standard Standard Standard
Locking castors Optional Optional Optional Optional
Single phase mains Yes Yes No No
Three phase mains Optional Optional Standard Standard
Tunnel length 137cm 137cm 137cm 137cm
Tunnel width 88cm 88cm 149cm 149cm
Tunnel height 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm 5 - 17cm
Overall length 266cm 266cm 266cm 266cm
Overall height 145cm 145cm 145cm 145cm
Overall width 130cm 130cm 192cm 192cm
Shipping weight 396kg 396kg 574kg 574kg

Call 0845 224 1204 today to learn more about the Vastex range of compact tunnel dryers


and answers for: BigRed conveyor tunnel dryersVastex BigRed Infra Red Conveyor Tunnel Dryer

The BigRed range of conveyor tunnel dryers are very easy to use, but we do hope that you find the supplemental information below of assistance when deciding whether BigRed infra red drying ovens are the perfect compliment to your screen printing business.

We aim to answer all your questions about high production conveyor tunnel dryers used to cure water-based inks, cure direct-to-garment inkjet prints and of course plastisol inks in a high production environment.

Click on a question below to reveal the answer:

  • Why should I buy a BigRed conveyor tunnel dryer rather than Econored or DriBox?

    This comes down to sheer production capability and having the choice to cure water-based ink, plastisol and digitally printed inks. If you require high production using plastisol and water-based inks only, select a BR3 model.

    BR4 model infra red drying ovens have a dual zone heat control, four powerful infrared elements, and makeup air, which is the ideal combination for a DTG conveyor dryer used to cure direct-to-garment or inkjet prints. The BR4 models are truly versatile and can cure it all!

    If your production requirements are lower and you only need to cure plastisol ink, the DriBox or Econored conveyor tunnel dryers are likely to suit your needs better.

  • What sizes are BigRed conveyor tunnel dryers available in?

    Two belt widths are available. The smallest is 76cm (30") and the larger 137cm (54"). Each option is available as either a three heater unit or a four heater unit.

  • What are the power requirements for the BigRed tunnel dryers?

    All BigRed conveyor tunnel dryers can be supplied in either single phase or three phase configuration. The total power demand varies from 9kW to 24kW.

  • Why do BigRed infra red drying ovens use forced air during curing?

    This helps to ensure that the curing is done thoroughly in the smallest amount of oven space and also allows heated air to be circulated all around the garments.

    Forced air is an absolute necessity when curing water-based and DTG inks. DTG conveyor dryers and conveyor tunnel dryers used for water-based inks are normally much larger than tunnel dryers used purely for curing plastisol, because all moisture must be removed from the garment before the curing process can start. Forced air greatly assists with this process.

  • Why do BigRed conveyor tunnel dryers have a cool down area at the exit of the drying chamber?

    Some inks require a cooling period after curing.

  • Do I need to worry about fumes when curing t-shirts and other products?

    Plastisol ink cures at 160° Celsius so there will be a degree of fumes produced during the curing cycle from the dyes used in the garment and not the ink.

    Each BigRed infra red drying oven is supplied with an exhaust fan which should be connected to internal ducting and vented to the outside.

  • Is a BigRed conveyor tunnel dryer easy to use?

    Once you have set the correct temperature, element height and belt speed, the dryer needs no further intervention. All you have to do is remember to switch it off when you have finished!

  • Are BigRed infra red drying ovens reliable?


    In fact we are so convinced of the reliability of this range of tunnel dryers that we offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on the main components of the dryer (belt excluded) and 15 years on the heating element!

  • Can I install a BigRed conveyor tunnel dryer at my home based business?

    BigRed dryers are very large with much higher power demands than our smaller dryers and are therefore better suited to a commercial or industrial environment.

    The BigRed range is supplied as a partially assembled unit. The conveyor section is supplied in two halves that are bolted together and then the optional legs and castors would be fitted. The heating unit is then lifted onto the conveyor section and the assembly is then complete. It takes less then 60 minutes to assemble a BigRed model 30 or 54.

    Please ensure that you check the electrical requirements of the BigRed model you want and that you have the correct circuit breaker and heavy duty cable available, as well as the correct single or three phase mains supply.

    You will need the services of a qualified electrician to carry out any electrical upgrades.

    A minimum doorway of around 90 cm is recommended.

The BR4 series screen printing dryers have a dual zone heat control, four powerful infra red dryer elements, and make-up air.

These features combined make for great DTG curing and makes the BR4 range our most versatile units. This is the series we suggest if you need a DTG conveyor tunnel dryer.

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